Atomic Lighter
Amazing Fuel-Free Lighter Works Anytime, Anywhere!
Atomic Lighter the fuel-free rechargeable lighter that works anywhere lifetime guaranteeGet our best selling super-bright tactical flashlight
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Three Atomic Lighters
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Atomic Tough, It’s The Only Lighter You’ll Ever Need
Atomic Lighter lighting a fire
No Gas or Butane Required
Atomic Lighter's Lightning bolt technology
Lightning Bolt Technology
Atomic Lighter being charged by USB
Rechargeable via USB
Atomic Lighter on in front of fan
Windproof - Lights Every Time
Features & Benefits
  • Tactical lighter lights every time
  • Fuel-free, no butane or gas required
  • Atomic tough to withstand any condition
  • Rechargeable - 100 lights per charge
  • New plasma Lightning Bolt Technology
  • Windproof and flint-free
Animation of Atomic Lighter staying on in front of a fan
Harness the Power of Lightning In Your Hand

Lightening. One of the most powerful forces of nature creates fire. Now harness the power of lightning in the palm of your hand with the tactical Atomic Lighter. It’s the fuel-free rechargeable lighter that works anywhere, anytime! It’s the only lighter that won’t let you down.

The Secret
The secret is Lightning Bolt Technology. This incredibly new plasma technology creates fire quickly — without gas or butane. Just press the button and it lights the first time, every time. You’ll always have a light when you need it. Even during the windiest rainstorm, it still works.
If You Need Fire, You Need Atomic Lighter

It’s rechargeable by USB so it’s always good to go. You can get 100 lights on a single charge! Try Atomic Lighter to light birthday candles, to clean up the end of a rope, or firing the end of a stogie, it’s the best! There’s no flint, so even if it gets wet, it lights.

This Limited-Time Offer Is Not Available on Amazon
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Single Atomic Lighter
Atomic Lighter

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Add Atomic Beam Flashlight for a Special Low Price!
Atomic Beam Flashlight
Best - $10.00 Each
Three Atomic Lighters
3-Pack Atomic Lighter

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Add Atomic Beam Flashlight for a Special Low Price!
Atomic Beam Flashlight
Better - $12.99 Each
Two Atomic Lighters
2-Pack Atomic Lighter

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Add Atomic Beam Flashlight for a Special Low Price!
Atomic Beam Flashlight
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Offer Details

Get your Atomic Lighter now for just $19.99 plus FREE shipping and handling. You’ll also get a lifetime guarantee. But wait - order now and get special pricing of just $10 each in our value pack and plus FREE shipping and handling. You can also get our best-selling super-bright tactical flashlight that lights up an entire room and can take a beating - from extreme temperatures to a sledgehammer. Just add $9.99. This limited-time offer isn’t available on Amazon, so order now!


Atomic Lighter has a lifetime guarantee that covers the lifetime of the product. Should anything happen to your Atomic Lighter under normal usage simply return the unit with a $9.99 handling fee and you will receive your money back, less shipping and handling, and/or depreciation. Mistreatment, misuse, and intentional abuse of Atomic Lighter are not covered under the lifetime guarantee.

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